Roses in the Palace

I have this story in my head. It’s there, like a forgotten friends, buried deep like a forgotten dream. They want to be free, out to the world. But I know how cruel and unforgiving the world is. And they are my children. I want to keep them in the safety of my love. It hurts me like thousands blade seeing them trampled in a muddy road. I want to harden my soul and keep writing… it’s not going to be easy, I know.

Here the story: “Roses in the Palace”

This will tell the story mainly from three points of view, all female:

  1. Lady Carla: We met her in “The Blue Rose”.
  2. Princess Sera: The Empress in “The Prince’s Shadow”.
  3. Prince Selena: The Oracle, she is the daughter of the long dead Emperor.

This story happens two decades before “The Prince’s Shadows”. It will continue where “The Blue Rose” left. I have the plot in my head from start to the end. It tells about the power struggle between the royals.

But I am not sure it will worth the effort…

I wish I am a good writer. Sadly, I am not. I might just publish each chapter in this blog. I know probably no one will read it so…


[Short Story] The Blue Rose

In a land far away, in a land so different with our own, it is in a land where magic exist and alive. It is a land where a Blessed can control: Wind, Ice and Fire.
Lady Carla Koell is betrothed to a man who loves another.
What a warrior lady should do? Of course, she should break it off. But it is not as easy as it should be.

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