Free Download of Whispering Shadow

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For hundreds years, Varr Empire is led by The Varr family. People believe they are half a God. They are blessed with beauty and gift to control elements: Air, Water and Fire.
They are in decades of war with neighboring nation, and now they are in peril, for their empress is in the brink of dead.

The Rebel – She is fierce Blessed Warrior, but she runs off with her rebel lover, eluding the empress army, and shirking her duty for love.
The child – She is child who comes from far away land. Driven by her gift of sight she comes, bringing her little brother, and crossing the west sea to the land of Gods.
The Princess – Now is a turbulent time. With the empress under the spell, the heavy burden of the empire is fallen to her shoulder.

One of them will wake up the empress.
This is journey of love and loss, a journey unraveling the past.

** This is book 1.5 of The Blessed Series and can be read as standalone