Life and I

A bubble, there I hide, not from myself but from others, hiding the stench and ugliness. I hope against hope that my existence won’t bother, yet everything never be enough… Your holier than thou always have a reason to bring me down? To what end? I wonder… I know what I am, I know my weakness and fallibility… I am just stupid, coward, timid, clumsy, but not brain dead yet… in the world where my defects are frown upon, what people want me to do? Kill myself? Even then… it’s still MY fault… always… just let me do my own thing, don’t try to save me. I am beyond saving… just let me live as I wait for an angel of death’s call…


Roses in the Palace

I have this story in my head. It’s there, like a forgotten friends, buried deep like a forgotten dream. They want to be free, out to the world. But I know how cruel and unforgiving the world is. And they are my children. I want to keep them in the safety of my love. It hurts me like thousands blade seeing them trampled in a muddy road. I want to harden my soul and keep writing… it’s not going to be easy, I know.

Here the story: “Roses in the Palace”

This will tell the story mainly from three points of view, all female:

  1. Lady Carla: We met her in “The Blue Rose”.
  2. Princess Sera: The Empress in “The Prince’s Shadow”.
  3. Prince Selena: The Oracle, she is the daughter of the long dead Emperor.

This story happens two decades before “The Prince’s Shadows”. It will continue where “The Blue Rose” left. I have the plot in my head from start to the end. It tells about the power struggle between the royals.

But I am not sure it will worth the effort…

I wish I am a good writer. Sadly, I am not. I might just publish each chapter in this blog. I know probably no one will read it so…