The Prince’s Shadows

Varr Kingdom is once the greatest Kingdom in the East but now is reduced to small and weak kingdom. It is led by The Varr family for hundreds years. People believe they are half a God, blood of the gods run in their vein. They are blessed with gift to control elements, Air, Water and Fire.
The heir of the throne, Prince Lex Varr, is the last pure blood. Many want him dead. And danger comes from both inside and outside the empire. In desperate attempt to protect her son, the empress creates the Shadows, band of young men serve as the prince’s sworn shield.
In the midst of political feud and imminent war, emerge a Hallowed, the first in two hundred years. A female warrior desperately needed by the empire. Will she become its strength? Or its downfall instead?
This is struggle between duty and love, and a journey to find one’s place in the world.